Six Ways to Help a Stressed Out Loved One

Stress is definitely contagious. The stress of one family member can impact the entire family unit. I know when my partner is stressed out, I definitely take that on myself, and then our kids have two stressed out parents to contend with, and their own emotional...

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Evidence-Based Treatment for Depression

People suffering from depression have many types of treatments available to them. Treatment for depression can include medications to help stabilize mood and psychotherapy to help people learn to manage their symptoms. People with a milder form of depression may...

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What Causes Depression?

There is no simple answer to what causes depression. Researchers believe it’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors…

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What Is Depression?

Everyone gets sad sometimes. But major depression is a medical condition, and goes far beyond just feeling blue. And, like any other medical condition, it requires medical treatment.

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Tools4Families provides families with what they need to navigate life together, with a specific focus on supporting a family member through recovery of depression. Our online curriculum helps people develop the skills they need to improve relationships, communicate effectively, and increase families’ collective problem-solving and coping skills. Additionally, Tools4Families creates a specific focus on the challenges caregivers often face when helping a loved one through recovery, providing the needed support for those family members.

Ten percent of the population within the United States struggles with mental illness like depression. Despite the prevalence, there are few services available to help family members learn the significant role they can play in the recovery of their loved one.

There are evidence-based family therapies for depression that have been shown to be highly effective. Our clinicians and researchers have decades of experience doing ground-breaking work to make this form of therapy accessible to families. Our online education programs provides families specific ways to help their loved one, and reduce the chances of relapse. Tools4Familes also provides caretakers with the resources to take care of themselves, a very necessary but often overlooked component of recovery.

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